The Arcade opens tonight at midnight. I hope you have saved up your lindens cos you will go broke fast there, believe me! Here's some more previews of the goodies you have in store for you there.

Video Games hair from Truth
March Makeups from Shakeup!

Insect Collection from Ladies Who Lunch (inset)
DJTall Soundglasses from sYs (main)

Slice of Paradise Antlers from Glam Affair
Huge Chip Stone Earrings from Glow Studio
Wild Honeybee Necklace from Maxi Gossamer
Wild Rumpus Rompers from Auxiliary
Wild Rumpus Romper Hood from Auxiliary
Puss Pillow from Nardcotix

A - Mirelle '50 Pumps from Miamai
B - Canvas Sneakers from Pesca
C - Lavan Wedges from Hucci
D - Easter Shoes from NillaBean
E - Mouse Slippers from Conspiracy Theory

Bow Bandeau from PaperDoll
Lorette Skirts from The Sea Hole
Kate skins from The Skinnery
Bento Lunchbox from Katat0nik

Stackable Hairstyles from Curio Obscura

The Arcade opens for it's March cycle in just a couple of days and I'm still uber excited about it. The build is awesome and there are so many must have goodies that you will probably go a little crazy like I already have! Here's a quick preview of some of the yummies just waiting for you!

Kitty Bow Peep Bands from Pididdle
Luria skins from Glam Affair

Nature's Crowns from Boom
Gwen skins from Swallow
Anime Eyes from Dead Apples

Elena skins from Insufferable Dastard
Eternum Antlers from Half-Deer

Keely Tops from Ingenue
Luria skins from Glam Affair

Epaulette Set from GizzA
Luria skins from Glam Affair

Spirithood from Tableau Vivant
Say NO Glasses from Glow Studio
Black Sunrise Necklace from Glow Studio
Luria skins from Glam Affair

It's just days until The Arcade opens for the March round....and already I'm going ga-ga for it. Have you been checking out the preview pictures? O-M-G! I'm going broke just thinking about it!!! To get you ready, here's some info about the event and the amazing talents behind it.

Be sure to look around the venue, there are lots of new and fun things to see and do. The newest decor added to the venue includes Souvenir plates, mugs, pin lanyards and balloons by Allegory Malaprop (Schadenfreude). These are located on a cart near the front entrance along with some Arcade t-shirts that are for all sizes (even kids!)

Right across from that is the carousel (squeeee) made exclusively for The Arcade venue by Suetabulous Yootz(Beetlebones) and Anya Ohmai (Ohmai). Sit and click it for a fun and musical ride.

Once you head into the venue you'll be greeted by the fortune teller machine, made by Katharine McGinnis (Intrigue Co.). It serves as a donation tip jar to keep the venue thriving and to fund for more fun decor. With every donation, no matter how much, you will receive a fun Arcade fortune!

Once you get over how amazing the new skeeball machines by Katharine McGinnis are, take a look at the adorable claw machine placed just before you get to the center of the venue. The claw machine was done by Azure Electricteeth (Tee*fy & La Viere). There are two claw machines out, and these also serve as donation tip jars. With every donation, no matter how much, you will receive a random octopus toy made by Azure Electricteeth or a random fish toy made by Maylee Oh (The Secret Store). There is one toy type, with several colors, in each machine. You'll also notice last round's favorite - the pinball machines, by Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz!

Here's some links to keep you in the loop and make your Arcade experience a-mazing!!!

Arcade Blog
Arcade Flickr
Arcade on Plurk
Arcade Inworld Group

Remember, The Arcade is on of the most fun events ever and it gets more and more popular and crowded every round, so please be respectful and polite to everyone and remember to detach your unnecessary prims, scripted objects and huge flexi prim hairs!!!!

Tameless has some new hair out well worth checking out asap!

Donna is definitely one of my favoutires. This mesh pony sweeps up off the face and hangs down over the right shoulder. Available in Naturals, Fades and Fantasy colours.

Eva is a mesh style that hangs down the back and over the right shoulder. It also comes in Naturals, Fades and Fantasy colours.

Ruth is a short bob style that is super cute and sure to be a fav. It comes in Natural and Fantasy colours.

And finally Xandra, a mesh hairbase style sweeping over the left shoulder and available in Naturals, Fades and Fantasy colours.

It's been a busy week, which means I have fallen behind in blogging yet again, so I have a quick catch up post full of yummies for you today!

First up, some new Emo-tions. The Memory Necklace is a full mesh necklace with three chains with some cute little details.

Also full mesh are the Vari Sets. With earrings and a stunning necklace in three colours, they are perfect for your role play looks or full glam! And drop into the My Attic event that is currently on and grab StrangeLove, a rockstar hair of braids and faux-hawk.

Glam Affair is featuring in two events at the moment. Run into TDR Fusion and snap up the gorgeous Amberly Valentine's skins - two gorgeous skins with pink brows and stunning makeups. Then hit L'Accessoires for the Divinity Headdress which is available in a variety of colours.

There's a new tattoo out at Hiatus.  The Flying Skult is a fabulous detailed tattoo that draws all eyes to your sexy back and comes in undershirt, shirt and tattoo layers.

I'm sharing another new store with you today - Hiatus - a super cute little tattoo store sure to become a favourite.

First up is Owl, a chest tattoo on undershirt, shirt and tattoo layers so you have lots of layering options.

Beauty is an old fashioned design worn on the back. It's sure to be a surprise and delight when you wear it. Also on undershirt, shirt and tattoo layers.

So if tattoos are your thing, Hiatus needs to be on your 'check it out' list!

Things have been hectic lately and I have fallen behind in my blogging, but I will be making an effort to catch up asap!!! Today we're looking at goodies from Emo-tions and some new places!

First up from Emo-tions is Sunburst, a stunning windswept style with a tiara across the forehead. This style is perfect for pictures as it isn't flexi, it's non-rigged mesh!

Legend is a long straight style in male and female versions with plenty of movement so will look fabulous when you are dancing or just walking around the grid.

Short and sassy, Anna 2 flips across the forehead and is sure to become one of your fav go-to shorter styles. A new store for me is Earth's. I was sent some really cute things to share with you so I incorporated them into this post. First up are the Promise Circle Earrings - great statement pieces that will work well with any casual look, and the Bowie Nu mesh top which comes in all the regular mesh sizes and is available in 6 colour choices. 

Solitude is the last style from Emo this post and its a two in one style. This swept back pony is perfect for high fashion or role play looks. Touch the hair and the menu will add or take away the chain detailing along the forehead.  The outfit is super cute Boho Lively from Earth's - available in 6 colour options and comes with versions for short or tall avis.  Also from Earth's are the Stay Thirsty earrings and mouthie.

And hopefully I'm not too late to get you running to Mag arrow3.B. for these group gift skins. TP Link to Store.
A - Boys Suck
B - I Love My Valentine

I hope you check out the new stores, as well as Emo-tions for all these new goodies soon!

The new round of Collabor88 has started with Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant stealing the show once again with gorgeous skins, stunningly creative accessories and yummy hair!

Laurel is a new skin with blonde, red and dark brows and it's simply delicious! Each new skin makes me fall in love with Glam Affair all over again! Above - makeup 04

Available in four bold, vibrant makeups, Laurel is Glam at its best! Above - makeups 01 - 03 left to right.

The Orly Hat uses twigs and butterflies to create a fascinator sure to fascinate anyone who sees you wearing it!

Tableau Vivant takes ponytails and makes them super cute with the Couturier Hair, a must have style for any occasion which is available in a selection of colour packs.

Quick catchup post with all the new hair out from Tameless recently!

First up is a gorgeous mesh style worn with a hairbase. Venus will bring out your inner goddess and look stunning on a night out or just when you want to be a princess at home in your jeans.

Indigo is a sexy tousled style that falls over one eye and then down the back.  Dressed up or down, this will look fabulous!

Sweeping down both sides of the face, Morgan is elegant and another style you can wear with casual looks or dress up for a night out.

A leopard print scarf and long mesh style make Betty a must have for that inner diva who wants to go incognito.

Kilana is a playful style great for your cyberpunk or role play looks.

The February round of FaMESHed has opened its doors and once again Glam Affair is rocking the accessories with a must have crown of roses you'll fall in love with.

The Queen of Roses is a fabulous crown of roses in 8 stunning colours that will dress up any look and make it totally avant garde or haute couture.

It would make an excellent headpiece for a bride too! Check it out now at FaMESHed and see how you can create a look thats totally and gorgeously you!

There's new awesomeness at Tableau Vivant this week. If you love letting your creativity out and playing with poses and props, then you need to run in now and check out the Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie props by Loulou Teichmann.

Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie I is simply stunning. Just by itself its a feast for the eys, but then add in the poses and avatars and it's perfection.

Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie II has a different chair which gives it a different feel and is just as amazing as the first!

As well as single poses, there is a couple pose that is just great!  Thanks to the uber-fantabulous Diarmuid Miklos for being my male prop and helping me out!

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