There's a new Royo inspired range of hairs out now at Emo-tions that is just too fabulous for words. They will add so much to your role play or high fashion looks. Check them out instore asap and let them unleash your creativity!

Kimi is a partial, non-rigged mesh with tiara, pins and beads decorating this gorgeous hair.

Yuki is a flowing style with a stunning headdress sure to add that special finishing tough to any outfit.

Rami uses pins and bands to accentuate this flowing style that comes with an optional hair attachment on the chest for a longer look (main) or just as cute without it (inset).

Suri uses stunning silver pins and bands to create a style that is simple in it elegance.

Time for another castch up post full of great stuff you really need to check out!

First up are some new releases from sYs.  Perfect for your cyberpunk looks is the Otess Hair which falls down over the eyes and has a hairbase and borg-like cyber attachment.  Adding to the look are the DJTall Headphones and DJTall Soundglasses.  Team all these up with the Nekho Dress and T-Parker Boots and you are ready to take on anything.

Emo-tions has two new hairs out instore this week. First up is Maresol. This elegant updo is embellished by silver thread wrapping across the crown, decorative combs at the back and a flowing scarf, or hit the menu and take off the combs and scarf.

Shima is a flowing hair with a native influence great for your role play looks for guys and girls. It is embellished with braids, feathers and a cute little ornament.

There's also new cuteness at K-Code!  First up id the versatile Vanessa Dress which comes in a choice of nine colours with pieces you can mix and match into your existing wardrobe.  It has a flared and tight skirt option as well as a couple of shirt ones.  Sold seperately are the Juliette Boots (mesh) which compliment these dresses perfectly or will look just as good with with anything you have in your inventory.

And finally new hair from Tameless.  First up is Jasmine, a sexy long mesh style which falls down over the right shoulder and come in three colour packs - Naturals, Fantasy and Fades.

Next is Ariel, another long sexy mesh style perfect for your mermaid looks or if you just like big long hair.  It's also available in Naturals, Fantasy and Fades.

And lastly is Charity, a sexy half-updo with cute swirling buns at the back and hair falling down over the right shoulder.  Also available in Naturals, Fantasy and Fades.

I was very productive last night and got a ton of blog pictures done, now I just need to get them up here so you can check out all the goodies.

First up - shoes. Nzuri is back and the first new release is mesh shoes that are super cute. The Sysy Pumps come in Glitter (shiny!!!!) and Leather versions and the colours are just yummy. If you are a shoe person, check these out!

There's new horns out at The Plastik. The Renne Horns are big and bold and just fabulous. With two versions, you can change the pattern of the ribbons or the colour using the included HUDs.

The Valus Horns curl around the ears and also come with the HUDs to change ribbon colour or pattern. These horns are perfect if you are a role player or after a fantasy look.

Mag<3.B. is a new skin store for me, but I think they are so pretty and uber-adorable and worth checking out if you want a glamorous look. Above is Nicole - So Chic. A - Glam lips. B - Nude lips.

The skins come with standard, cleavage, freckles and freckles with cleavage options. Above is Nicole - So Colourful. A - Orange & Mint. B - Rich Pink.

And lastly Nicole - Day & Night. A - Day. B - Night. I'm not an expert on skins, but I know what I like and what looks cute on me. After all, isn't that what your avatar is all about? Give Nicole a test run and see if you like it too.

If accessories are your thing, then this is the post for you! There's so many new yummy things out now at Glam Affair that I hardly know where to start.

First up are the Spiked Shoulderpads which you will find in this month's round at L'Accessoires. There are three to choose from - black, grey and white - and all three come with silver, gold and ink studs.

After that, pop instore for the new range of Eyeliners.
A - Party
B - Glitter
C - Pearls
D - Studs

Add some glam to your roleplay or role play up your glam with the Zoya Headdress. Gorgeous flowers decorate your hair and add a stunning embellishment to the antlers.

The Inside My Ego Masquerade masks are just divine and the perfect thing to add some dazzle to your next party. In six colours with gold, noire and silver studs, they are just yummy!

Add colour and glamour to your wardrobe with the Petra Rivet Handbags. Available in a selection of vibrant colours, these come with silver or gold rivets and hand held (inset) or on the arm (main).

I am loving this week's new releases from Emo-tions. They are just too fricken awesome for words. There's also something new instore. Instead of buying single colours, Mirja has changed it up and now you can buy your Emo-hair in colour packs! Wo0t! Check them out now and get more fabness for your lindens!

I am in uber-love with Lavinia. This sexy mesh style hangs down over the shoulders and has bangs to die for! And yes I am crosseyed in the inset pic. That's how bonkers in love with this hair I am!!

A gorgeously elegant updo, Karma has two versions, with diamond accents (main) and without (inset).  This will add something special to your next formal occasion!

And finally Siiri, a flowing tail with intricate braiding to add a dash of elegance and interest to this stunning hair.

All poses for this post are from the new store - Ma Vie. Mavi Beck has branched out and created her own pose brand after being under the Miamai umbrella and it's sure to become one of your go-to fav pose places just like it is mine. Join the group and pick up the January gift and try not to buy every pose instore - it's a challenge!

It's sale time at Amacci, so run on in and save big on fabulous hair for any occasion! Grab colour packs for only $95 until Jan 20th.

Anastasia is a braided bun style with wisps across the top of the head making it the perfect style for foraml as well as casual occasions.

Gloria is another braided chignon style with bangs framing the face for a gorgeous style fit for a night out dancing with your special someone.

A cute pixie style, Linda is sassy and fun and sure to become a favourite you will wear again and again.

There's a version for the guys too called Leon and it looks just as hot on him as it does on her!

And there may still be time to grab the new gifts celebrating the new year. Embla is a playful style for her with ponytails and a colour change cap.

Thor is a sexy pony for him. Join the inworld group or the subscribo and check the past notices to see if they are still available.


It's the first Collabor88 for 2013 and you will find Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant raising the bar as they show what is trending in the new year!

First up is three Renee skins in gorgeous makeups. I am just in love with 02! The are sold seperately and come with blonde, dark and red brows.

The Hunami Headpiece adds such a wow factor to any hair, and here it's complimenting the gorgeous Lythrum hairs from Tableau Vivant.

And finally, a sexy little halterdress in a selection of gorgeous colours.  Livia will look fabulous on its own, or I like it worn with jeans.  It's a definite must-have trending item for 2013.  It looks amazing with the Lythrum hair too!

Just when you think Glam Affair can't push the skin envelope any higher, they do...and in spectacular fashion too! They have teamed up with Soleil Reid from Dead Apples to create a range of special Amberly skins that are totally amazeballs!!!

If you are in the Glam Affair Update Group, you can start you love affair with the new range with the gift of Melodia. If not, its only $30 to join and soooo worth it!

The new range comes in a special skin tone called Petal, which is a gorgeous pale tone that works beautifully with windlight settings.

It comes with blonde, dark and red brows so whatever your chosen hair colour, you can wear these yummy skins.

I'm just in awe of the talent and creativity that has gone into these skins. The colours are so rich and vibrant and I just love them!

You seriously need to get your pixel butts over to Glam Affair now and grab up the demos and try resisting the allure of the Dead Apple Amberly skins.

It's hair post time and I'm going to start off by wishing Mirja Mills and Emo-tions a very HAPPY B-DAY!!!! Emo-tions is celebrating it's 5th Birthday and you are getting all the goodies - all hair fatpacks and all clothing is 50% off for a limited time - at the Mainstore only. So if you have had your eye on something, it's time to go grab it!!!

Angel is a curly style swept up from the back and falling down one side of the head. There are two versions in the pack, one with a bit more curl and one with a bit less. I completely forgot to show the pearl add-on that also comes with this style, but it is gorgeous and adds a touch of glam to this stunning style, as does the comb holding up the hair at the back - so check it out!

Winter Night is a style worn with a hairbase and studded with diamond icicle-like embellishments to create a style perfect for a winter's ball or just when you want to feel glamorous.

Windblown hair is one of my favourite looks. Its perfect for pictures and stunning on the runway. Add Irina to your collection now!

The next three hairs are from Tameless.

Violet is a mesh style with a ponytail sweeping over the right shoulder and hanging down. It comes in three colour packs - Naturals, Fantasy and Fades.

Want a sexy tousled hair? Then Ruby is for you. This sassy style has flyaway flexi parts for that "just been pushed up against the wall and had his fingers twisting in my hair as he kissed me like there was no tomorrow" look.  It comes in Naturals and Fantasy packs.

Lois is a retro 50s housewife mesh style with big curls held up off the head by a colour changing band with bow.  It comes in Naturals and Fantasy colour packs.

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