The 4th of July is coming up - which means fireworks, BBQs and lots of red, white and blue. Look no further than Fierce Designs for your holiday goodies this 4th!

A - Lady Liberty is standing tall and so will you in this fabulous outfit. It comes with book, crown and two torches - one with the pose built in.

B - You too can be a Yankee Doodle Dandy in this cute star spangled outfit which comes with boots and hat. There's also a male version instore.

The Boxer is a great little outfit for the more active lady. It comes with gloves to wear or hang around the neck and a jacket with hoodie, and also comes in a few different versions.

Atomic is a sexy sparklie dress perfect for a glitzy night out. It comes in a variety of stunning colours, with necklace, bracelets and belly jewel.

A - You'll find this sexy dress in the Firecracker Hunt gift.
B - This gorgeous dress is in the Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt gift.

Sometimes it takes a new look to help you see something in a whole new light. That's exactly what is behind the little experimental Somnia store.

Full of cute seperates perfect for mixing and matching with other items instore or your inventory at fabulous prices, you can stock up. Check out the experiment and see Somnia in a new way!!!

Je Suis has just released Eternelle - a necklace, earrings and ring set that you can custom to suit your mood or outfit. You can change the metal, gem colour - by individual gem or the whole shebang, and the result is stunning.

Nebula is a new range of stunning jewellery from KOSH. There is a necklace, bracelet and ring for you to grab, all sold seperately. They are real statement pieces that you will love to wear.

There's something special in the T Junction Subscribo for Game of Thrones fans.

It has male and female versions in the pack. Wear it with pride!!!!

Which team are you on? Do you support Team Stark (yay!!!) or are you for Team Lannister (booo!). If you have no idea what I am on about - WHAT ROCK DO YOU LIVE UNDER????

One of the best shows on TV at the moment is without a doubt Game of Thrones! Love it!!! And in case you hadn't guessed - I'm Team Stark!!! OMG I can't believe what they did last week!!!!!!! If you love it too, run on in to T Junction and pick up your limited edition team shirt for $40. You have till Monday!

There are also some funny new releases sure to have you giggling!

You can also find the tees on Marketplace if you see one you think a friend just HAS to have.

So run in and grab your new tees now!!!! And drag your friends with you. they will be thanking you!

There's a few events I look forward to every year, and one is the hunt at Sn@tch. This year it's a little different. Instead of a sim-wide hunt, Sn@tch is throwing a Prom!

Scattered around the Gymnasium are corsage boxes from some of the awesome stores on the Pulse/Sn@tch City sims priced from $0 - $100 (take care when buying) full of goodies!

Beauty Killer has the stunning Dance in the Dark dress pack somewhere in the gym. Watch out Sanura and Sileny - the Prom Queen crown is MINE!

Sn@tch has some fabulous items hiding away too. I love the white Princess Dress which comes with two skirt layers and is just gorgeous.

You can also show your team spirit by finding the Go Beavers box which has a shirt in male and female versions, shorts and the terrific Beaver Tattoo in many layers. Worth finding for that tattoo alone!

There are 20 boxes from Somnia lying around waiting for good homes. From four I grabbed the Black and Brown Denim Corsets and Black and Brown Jean Capris.

From Gauze, the Elistyl Vests will add a dash of colour and style to your wardrobe.

They also have the Sleeps with Butterflies gown. I love the design and flair of the dress and the butterflies - fabulous!!! They attach at three points and are just awesome!

So mark your calendar for June 22nd and get ready for the Prom of the Year!!!!

Thanks to a very laggy SL recently, I'm playing "catch up" yet again.

New from Boom, the Thrill Halter Tops come in a variety of colours and are totally prim tops. In the pack are a range of sizes so one is bound to fit you. Teamed up with the Feel Free Shorts, you have a sexy look for Summer.

One of the best days of the week is Friday. It's when the new items come out in The Dressing Room. Right now at the Blue one you can pick up the Floretta Dress from Magoa. While you are there, grab the Lucia hair from Exile.

The recent release from Elymode is sexy, full of colour and options and has gorgeous textures. Cyd's Set has many pieces so you can mix and ,atch to your heart's content. The Leather Top looks great worn on it's own or with the prim bottom. The strip at the bottom is colour change so you can match it up to your outfit or have a strip of contrast. The Leather Slim Skirt comes with a jacket layer top which adds the band of colour along the top.

Or maybe you prefer the Leather Skirt which comes with the same jacket layer coloured waistband strips and a colour changing strip along the hem of the skirt. Add a Leather Shrug with colour change cuffs and you have the perfect finishing touch.

Fierce Designs has just released some fabulous new items sure to heat up your summer!

The Summer Lovin' outfit teams up capri jeans with some cute and colourful tops that will have you ready for those summer niiiiiiiights! *I really shouldn't sing*

If you have always had dreams of running away and joining the Circus, then the Master of the Ring Ringmaster outfit could be just perfect for you. It comes with a hat, shoulder tiger, mustache, whip and cane and will have you ready to tame tigers, lions or the men of Second Life.

Top Inset - Her Master's Boots
Bottom Inset - Sexy Boots

And yet more from the Chic Bday Event! Taxi to the Event.

Clarus Eyes from Aphotic Gloom. These needed a better showing off cos they are awesome!
A - Bubblegum
B - Current
C - Daisy
D - Peaches

The Keira Tops from Somnia
Leather Tights from Cynful

Candy Skull Tees from T Junction
Feel Free Shorts from Boom

Silk Top from Acid and Mala
Low Jeans from Tutti Frutti
VooDoo Hair from Exile

Wildflower Dress from Line

A - Chic from House of Fox
B - Chic Ltd Bday from Khush

Anya Top from Absolution
Summer Corsair Pants from Sassy Kitty Designs
There She Goes Hair from Shag

And now more from the fabulous Chic Management Birthday Event! TAXI

Odette Skins from Lara Hurley Skins in A - Pale, B - Tan and C- Dark.
Bubblegum Eyes from Aphotic Gloom (love these!!!!)

A - Chic from Ducknipple
B - Summer Dress from Izzie's

Chic Outfit from GizzA. Pose from Di's Opera Rockstar collection.

Animal Print Halter Jumpsuit from Indie Rose

Lady from sYs

Bianca Skins from Mynerva in...
A - Apricot
B - Bisque
C - Champagne
D - Cream
Peaches Eyes from Aphotic Gloom

A - English Rose
B - Latte
C - Porcelain
D - Sepia
Current Eyes from Aphotic Gloom

Congratulations to Chic Management on their 1st Birthday! In celebration, some of the best stores in Second Life have come up with a special something just for the occasion. You won't be able to resist some of these goodies! Here's your taxi.

Linda Dress from Glam Affair

A - Chic Bodysuit from Nemesis
B - Chic Cocktail Dress from The Secret Store

A - Seneyra from Miamai
B - Not That Kind Of Girl Bodysuit from Magoa

After The Rain from Sn@tch

Flowery Summer Dress from Peqe

A - Amelia from Bliss Couture
B - Vintage Chiffon Dress with Belt (sold seperately) from League

The Clocks Are Broken from Kyoot

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