...cos thats what I spent at 111 on two hairs.

Yes, I was one of the 111, but so what? Its my lindens that I work damn hard for and if I decide I want to pay $2,000 for a pack of Elikatera hair - how is this any of your business? What gives you the right to sit on your high horses judging me, calling me a sheep or "part of the in crowd"? I don't judge your spending habits, so please don't judge mine.

Anyway, if you break the packs I bought down...

Elikatera - $2000 for 28 hairs works out at just over $71 per hair
Lamb - $1500 for 9 hairs works out at just over $166 per hair

Considering some stores like Detour and Cake sell one colour for over $300 - its still a fricken bargain!

Sure I only wear one black shade as my standard avi look, but as a blogger, multipacks are a plus and I have already used another colour from the Elikatera pack.

Yes the prices were extreme - but as the saying goes, no-one was forcing you to pay them, so quiet in the cheap seats!!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

And yet more from the With Love Hunt!

A - Fusion - comes with earrings and necklace.
B - Iced - comes with earrings and necklace.

A - Swallowtail
B - N'soul - comes with two pairs of earrings and size 20 nails with rings.

A - Alyssa Bijoux - comes with earrings and necklace.
B - +:+WTG+:+ - comes with earrings and necklace.


A - Nemesis
B - Bottle Bird

A - Penned
B - ViLada

Its started! The With Love Hunt is on! There are 88 stores with fantastic $10L hunt items for you to find and love! Here are some more goodies you will find on it.

A - Swansong
B - Peqe

A - Ivalde
B - District
- comes with tattoo layer eye make up.

A - Riddle
B - Connors
- shirt
B - Fall Out - jeans

A - Shiki - comes with male and female versions.
B - Chantkare - comes with male and female versions.

A - Skream - comes with crop top and balloons
A - Fall Out - jeans
B - The Sea Hole - comes with 4 coloured pairs of jeans.

A - Leverocci - top
B - R.icielli

With Love...pt 2

Are you as excited about the With Love Hunt as I am? It is chocka-block full of so much amazing stuff from some of your most favourite stores. Its their way of saying "thank you" to us for supporting them. Here's a look at some of the skins you can hunt out and pick up for $10L.

A - Glam Affair
B - Lara Hurley Skins - comes with normal and hairbase skins, plus cleavage on a undershirt layer.

sYs - comes with normal, cleavage, black hairbase (with and without cleavage), platine hairbase (with and without cleavage) as well as 4 decorative tattoo layer makeup additions (tears and snowflakes shown above) and head ornament.

A - Candydoll
B - Imabee - comes with normal and cleavage skins, plus eyelashes and a system eyelash removing alpha layer.

Heartsick - comes with 4 skin tones. a) Bliss b) Illusion c) Rapture d) Reverie. All skins come with 9 versions - 3 cleavage options, a freckled version and BM (haven't worked out what that stands for yet.

Tat'Tash Inks - there's the Star Explosion for the ladies on undershirt and shirt layers, with star bracelet tatts on glove layer. Scorpion Tribal is for the gents and also has undershirt and shirt layers and a scorpion tatt on the back of each hand on a glove layer.

Its almost time for the With Love Hunt to begin! I have been looking forward to this one for a while, because you know when Chic Management is doing something, its going to be exceptional. This hunt is full of some of the most loved stores and brands in Second Life and they are giving you some loving by putting out a fabulous hunt item for you to find for only $10L. These goodies are worth SO MUCH more than that and you will love them! Here are some quick previews.

A - Urbanista
B - Indi Designs

A - Sassy Kitty Designs - comes with boots
B - Gawk - comes with a black shawl. The white scarf is part of the Maitreya hair.

T Junction - comes with four dresses, all have short and long sleeved versions.

A - E! Eclectic Apparel - comes with Hot Pink and Seafoam versions.
B - Azul

A - DeeTaleZ
B - Rock Me Amadeus

A - Tutti Frutti
B - Fishy Strawberry
C - Djinn and Tonic - includes the hair and boots

A - justB - has male and female versions
B - Hucci - sweater and antler earmuffs
B - LG Femme - pants

Meet Taylor!

Taylor is the new girl from Adam n Eve and you will find her in the female skin dept. Like all AnE skins, she is natural and beautiful.

The Pale skin is lovely and works beautifully with blondes or redheads and makes a real statement when worn with black! The skins come in 4 types - normal with pubes, bewbs with pubes, normal shaved and bewbs shaved. Earrings from Fierce Designs. The Mother of Pearl collection includes necklace, tiara, engagement ring, wedding/engagement ring.

The Natural tone is just that, very natural and very flattering. Earrings from the Gothic Emo set from Fierce Designs. Also includes a necklace and bracelets.

The Bermuda Tan has a fabulous healthy tint to it that looks incredible with a natural or strong makeup. Fierce Designs' Exquisite Set has bold and chunky diamonds in earrings and necklace.

Or maybe just the standard Tan is more your colour. The makeups used in this post were Blush on the left and Verdi on the right.

An added bonus, if you buy a single skin or fatpack between November 20th and November 27th, send Sachi Vixen a notecard called "Taylor Christmas Skin Gift" with your transaction record and she will send you a special Taylor Christmas skin.

Its time for more Sn@tch! When you have someone who gives us soooo much newness and style week after week - well blogging it all would be a full time job, but one well worth having cos its SN@TCH!!!!! (Link to store)

The new Lulu Bundles Up dresses will keep you snuggly warm on those cold winter days and have you looking amazing. With a black cropped sweater and cowl neck, it has 6 coloured high waisted skirts, you will have plenty of choice.

Looking for the perfect cropped denim jacket? Look no further. Lucky's jean Jackets come in 7 fabulous colours and with a sculpted collar that has two versions - plain and with texture changing scarf. The Hipster Panties are awesome! In 12 colours with a little bow, they will add so much fun to your inventory!

Wanna Be Gwen teams up black cargo pants and knit armwarmers with 6 coloured crop sweaters with a star motif on it. Its a great look for all those holla back gurls.

Argyle never goes out of style and Fast Forward is just the outfit to take you through a stylish winter! With 6 coloured argyle sweaters with a statement making big collar and a slim pencil skirt, its a great look for the cooler days!

More Than Madness teams up a gorgeous black grunge miniskirt and black knee length socks with a checkerboard cropped top which comes in 7 fabulous colours.

Every Friday I just sit in awe of all the newness from Sn@tch. Its my favourite day of the week. I also love Wednesdays - mini-Sn@tch day!!! Its when you will find a super Blue Light Special in store and when Ivey usually restocks things like the fishing pond, lucky chairs, riot vend etc. Its such an awesome store always full of fun things to do or see and such interesting people!

Its 55L Thursday again at DK Designs, and there are three fantastic outfits for you.

Innocent is a stylish outfit comprising of shirt with vest and the Ann Marie pants in plain and ripped. You can choose your favourite - or grab them all!

Khush has some fabulous new outfits out as well that are well worth checking out.

The Kriss Kross Dress and Laced Leggings are a great look for this time of year. The halterneck dress has criss crossing straps across the bust and down to the waist accentuating the figure.

If you are looking for a new little black dress, then LBD is just the thing for you. With its peekaboo window in the halterneck and open back, its a gorgeous addition to your inventory. With it comes the dice earrings and nomnom and a cute leg tattoo.

The Skyla Dress is a sexy one shoulder number with a thin band across the bust to cover what should be covered! Its a gorgeous dress that will look great on the dance floor.

The Animal Tops and Zip Leggings are another fabulous look for this season. With an assymetrical design and animal print, the tops go fabulously with the leggings which have a number of zips, adding a touch of fun.

Violator is a store for the brave, the avant garde and the ones who want to make a statement. Not only dazzling, the designs explore and push limits, use texture in creative and innovative ways to create items that are stunning, special and exciting.

Deep In The Night I'm Alone is a black vinyl set that will blow you away. It comes with two versions.

The short outfit has a sleeveless top with a short wrap around skirt bottom. There are tribal inspired designs down the legs and along the jacket opening.

The second version has long sleeves and a long coat bottom for a sexy vinyl trenchcoat look. There is a grey shirt layer as well so you can wear it under the jacket or without.

This outfit also comes with the hat, sunglasses, collar, bracelet and stiletto boots. Its Violator at its best!

Once again DK Designs has brought super sexiness to Fifty5 Thursday!

Sara is a dress that screams "sex" with its daring design that shows off the skins we spend so much lindens on. Perfect for shaking your booty at your favourite clubs or just for making your SO's jaw drop. There are three colours (red, black and blue) available today for only $55.

While you are there picking up your new sexy dress, check out Kio, the newest release which is in store now. For the woman who is daring and wants to make a statement, its a draped dress that bares a lot of skin! Its not for the faint-hearted!

WoE has been one of my fav casual clothing stores from my early SL days, and it just keeps getting better and better with each new release.

The Janae Tie Front Sweaters are perfect for a casual look, or you can dress them up and let them take you to any event. Available in all layers, you can wear them alone or slip over your favourite tank.

If you love corsets as much as I do, you will adore the new Wrinkle Corsets. With dazzling jewelled fabric accents, these will look fabulous with jeans, dress pants or your favourite skirt.

So when you finally find the man of your dreams, and he's popped the question, you'll need rings! Pose - She Got Her Man from Adorkable Poses.

Hardwear has released some stunning wedding bands that are just perfect for your big day. Chock full of features like colour changing gems, metal, shine, twinkle etc as well as the added bonus of a greeter that whispers whatever is in the ring's description space when your partner comes within range.

There are 5 versions of the Sonata rings to choose from, so grab your intended and check them out. They are transferable and easily modified to fit using your edit function.

RH Designs welcomes a new brand to the family. From Wicked Magic and RH Engel comes Axiom - a store chock full of fabulous fantasy skins, male and female hair and accessories.

I am just in love with these skins! There are 6 different tones - Drow, Undead, Ultra-Light, Light, Tan and Dark Tan - and 15 different makeups...and omg you need to see these to believe them! Above is the Undead skin in Mascara Tears. The hair is from the female hair range at Axiom and is called Toireasa, a sexy long over the shoulder style available in 4 colours.

The Tan tone is lovely, and Axiom 2 is a stunning makeup.

When you stop by to pick up demos and check out the skins, be sure to pick up the opening gifts which include this gorgeous skin. This limited edition skin is stunning and in the Light tone. Kennocha is a lovely long hairstyle with bangs framing the face and a ponytail looped back and tied by beaded leather.

The mask makeups are just incredible. They add such a fantasy touch to these skins. The Drow skin is lovely and perfect for role playing or adding something special to a picture.

The men's hair is just amazing. As RH says, there is so much hair for the ladies over the grid, but a real lack of hair for those men who enjoy Medieval/Fantasy/Gorean/Elven Roleplay. Well guys, check out Axiom's range of hair and you will find something perfect for your look. Colum II is a plaited style that mohawks down the middle of the head and then hangs in a ponytail with a beaded tie. Davalos has three plaits down the head and also ends in a ponytail.

Dougal is a mid-length male style with a headband with hair flopping over it and a couple of sexy plaits.

Stavros is a similiar style with a headband, plaits and hangs longer down the back.

Check out Axiom if your Second Life is geared more to fantasy and role play, or you just like a creative and different look. And the sim is lovely too, so check that out while you are there.

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