I'm being a bit lazy and directly plaigerising myself from the Icon Lifestyle blog.

The hunt has started at the Icon Fashion District…and the gifts from the marvellous stores there kickarse!

For the men, FIR has a super smexy outfit with pants, wifebeater tank and brown short sleeved top worn over it. Alphamale has a tee emblazoned with the ICON logo. Both are fabulous additions to your inventory guys, so pop in and search out those boxes!

Elymode has generously given two gifts to the hunt…and one is their latest new release!!! The first gift can be found in the store. Inside is the gorgeous blue lounging sweater. The second is hidden somewhere around one of the landing spots of the hunt (check the taxi links at the end of the post) and its Bandwagon minidress, the newest release.

Chianera Cioc Couture has a stunning gift for you. Ninfa is a dazzling and versatile ensemble that will always have you ready for any occasion. With a sexy sparkling minidress, worn with leggings or on its own, and a jacket with three collar options, you are ready to make an entrance at any special event!

Zaara is preparing you for Spring with her gorgeous Mrinali dress in pistachio. You will look a vision in this asymetrical design of crisp greens mixed with florals. Mashooka has the dazzling Shimmers dress in copper for you. With bright yellows, greens and metallics all melting together, its a definate eye catcher!

From Vogue comes Clar, a sexy flexi minidress in a gorgeous shade of violet. The grey belt is part of the skirt, so no need to fuss around with resizing too much, and the butterfly chest tattoo is also included. Paper.Doll has another sexy minidress for you to add to your collection. Called the V Back Mini, its vibrant berry shade will make you stand out in the crowd when you wear it.

Every woman…and man…loves lingerie, and Seldom Blue gives you yet another amazing set to add to your tempt and tease collection. The Portia set comes with an open cup bra, see through panties set, which can be worn with a corset, garters and stockings, as well as a halfskirt, giving you lots of options.

As you can see, the stores of the Icon Fashion District have been very very generous in their gifts to the hunters. Be sure to show your appreciation by checking out the rest of their designs, cos you never know what you will find.

Don’t forget to hunt around the landing spots for the extre little somethings generously given by a couple of the stores.

Limo #1

Limo #2

Limo #3

Since I was little, I have always been fascinated with brides and bridal wear. I love the creativity and design, the love and care that goes into making them, and the choices people make on what they want to wear for their special day...cos after all, you're only sposed to do it once, so you want to get it right!

Nymphetamine has released Vivy, a gorgeous addition to their bridal range. With a full skirt flaring out from a strapless bodice, its simplicity and classic elegance is highlighted by the ruffles which add a gorgeous finishing touch. Ruffles accentuate the bustline and around the waist is a sash with bow at the base of the back. There are also two options for your hair...a ring of flowers with a half veil or some hair flowers. Whichever you choose, you will make a stunning bride.

And included...for the wedding night, a sexy babydoll set that will tease and delight your new spouse.

Not getting married? Never fear, Vivy comes in a selection of colours. You'll look just as beautiful wearing it out dancing on a special night, or its even a perfect gown for a bridesmaid!

And they come with the babydoll version too...or you can be adventurous and just wear it as a bodysuit.

Taxi to Nymphetamine

New from Elymode this week is Celestial Journey, an exclusive release celebrating the return of the fabulous Journey sim..and it is totally out of this world! Celestial Journey is a shorts and top set, that are sold seperately in the gorgeous colour palate we have come to expect from Ely.

The top has a special added extra that truly is incredible. You not only get the regular collar and cuff options, but there is an added Star version which gives the fantasy celestial cape of glowing stars to add a sparkle to your look. The top also features a cut out star on the sleeves and back.

The shorts complete the look and also have the cutout on the butt, the ultimate in tease! They come in two versions as well - with garters to be worn with the included stockings, or without. Either way you choose to wear them, they are a stunning addition to your Elymode wardrobe!

The best thing about Elymode's clothing is how well it mixs and matches with other pieces in the store. Not only can you mix it up to get your favourite colour combinations, but you can wear pieces from all collections with pieces from others. Here I am wearing the Celestial Journey top with the Soft Denim Skirt. Btw if you haven't checked those skirts out...omg you are sooo missing out. Perfect textures, amazing colours and the fit and movement - stunning. I think these would have to be my favourite long skirts.

It looks just as incredible with the brown denim skirt too!

Take some time to check out the sim too. Its an incredible build!

Taxi To Elymode

Now that I have my little vent out of my system...time to share the reason I went to the Clothing Fair.

One of my favourite stores in SL is G Fields. I love the detail, care and designs Cerberus Noel puts into everything she creates. Plus the group gifts - amazing! When the G Fields notice went out showing the RFL items on offer, I knew I had to have two of them.

First was the Maxi Dress "Mellow" in gorgeous rose pink. I'm not a Barbie Girl - pink is sooo not one of the colours I go out of my way to buy or wear, but this dress was just a must have item for me. The muted colour is stunning and the delicate rose pattern on the fabric makes it a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Its also very versatile. It can be worn with a slim skirt flaring out from the hips...

...or as an empire style dress with the skirt flaring out from underneath the bodice. It has a gorgeous fabric rose corsage worn in the centre of the decolletage and also hair roses, left or right option included. Its perfect for a warm spring night out dancing with your loved one.

My other G Fields "must have" were the Off Shoulder Chiffon Tops in Gerbera. If you belong to the subscribo, you would have received a green version recently, and if you are like me, you would have run to the store and bought all the other colour/fabric options too. For the RFL Clothing Fair, three more versions have been released in one very colourful pack. With a vibrant gerbera pattern in blues, pinks and oranges, these are another must have item for Spring that will take you through Summer as well.

When you stop by to check the store out, pick up the gift left out for you. Its not one, but two cute strapless dresses. One in a dusky pink...

...and the other a brilliant apple green.

Taxi to RFL Tokyo - Where you will find the G Fields RFL Store.

Taxi to G Fields

It seems like every month or so there is a huge event or fair to go to. This month its the RFL Clothing Fair. One of the uninvited guests who always crashes is the dreaded Lag-Monster. Time after time I receive or see tips and requests to deprim, lower ARC and to removed scripted items, and yet time after time the majority of visitors ignores that.

Meet Miss TheRulesDoNotApply ToMe with her 6088 ARC. She is wearing a gorgeous hair with a prim count that would put most kids through college. Not content with having the biggest hair around, she is also wearing all the jewellry she owns. Bracelets, necklace, a chain that goes from her ears to her mouth and no doubt buried in her hair...earrings too. Her clothing also has multitudes of attachments. Sleeves, collar, bottom. In the background is another offender with an ARC of 3814.

Luckily there are people around who do deprim, who do take off the huge prim hair, remove the jewellry and all the attachments for a few hours while they shop and explore. Nothing annoys me more than being considerate and looking like a noob stuck walking through molasses while others don't give it a second thought to just TP in and wander around with their thousands ARC and scripted items.

If I had it my way, I'd boot anyone with over 500 ARCs. Unfortunately I'm not lol.

ICON Lifestyle Magazine and Fashion District is searching for Miss ICON 2010, and she could be you!

Each month a panel of judges will pick an ICONic Beauty to be our Miss ICON of the Month.

Monthly Prizes...
1. A spread in ICON Lifestyle Magazine.
2. She will represent her winning month in the 2011 ICON Calendar.
3. Entry into the Miss ICON 2010 Competition.
4. A $5,000 shopping spree in the ICON Fashion District.

Rules of Entry.
1. Must be wearing the ICON bikini gift and be the only person in her picture.
2. Entrant must take her own picture. Any entries where another photographer has been used will be disqualifed.
3. Must be a member of the ICON Lifestyle Magazine Reader's Group.
4. Must be a member of the Miss ICON 2010 Flickr Group
5. Entries limited to 1 entry per person each month.
6. Entry must be a new picture each month.
7. Employees of ICON are welcome to submit pictures...but are not eligible for the competition.

Contest will run from the 1st - 20th of each month, with the winner being picked on the 21st in time to be shot for the following month's issue! But we're starting the search for Miss May early, so get snapping!!!

Don't have the bikini? Then TP into the ICON Lifestyle headquarters and pick up your free set now. Its on the table underneath the poster.

Magnolia is one of those smaller stores you don't see all over the blogs, so if you haven't heard of them, let me introduce them to you.

Silvery Night is the perfect dress for a night out dancing under the stars. With two skirt options, you can wear the mid-length skirt for a more formal occasion and the mini version for a more informal/club setting. Its the silver flashes on the skirt panel ends that bring the skirt layer to life as it moves around your body.

Sophisticate is a gorgeous dress which looks good in any setting. In a stunning striped fabric with delicate lace underskirt and gloves, its a sexy and sophisticated dress to take you from a meeting to shopping, to meeting the girls for a night out, to a special night with a special someone. It is available in a variety of colours with the pink going out as a subscribo gift and the green is the Blue Muse Hunt gift.

One of my favourite things about the clothing at Magnolia, apart from the wonderful prices, is the fact you get several options in each pack. Black Floral is a perfect example. It comes with two pairs of pants...floral and plain black. To wear with them you have the choice of a sexy corset top or bra, which you can wear on its own or underneath a bolero jacket.

Dark Fleur De Lis is a sexy version of Fleur De Lis which will take you into the night looking amazing. Gorgeous black lace with fleur de lis cutouts, which give the outfit its name, covers a yellow corset top. Black lace glove layer sleeves add to the stunning look of the top and the pale gold fleur de lis on the dark jeans ties it all together.


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