New from Dyn!

Perfect for the holiday parties are two new minidresses from Dyn.

Laura is a stunningly vibrant strapless minidress that will stand out in any crowd. It clings to the curves and is extremely flattering.

Croc is another stunning strapless minidress in a vibrant green with black vertical and horizontal lines adding an interesting pattern which compliments the design of the dress. Here is is worn with another new addition to the Dyn range, tanks and holey leggings. They add a new dimension to the dress when worn underneath.

The tanks and holey leggings come in a variety of colours to help you dress up (or grunge down) your favourite outfits.

Dyn has been one of my favourite stores since I discovered it almost 2 years ago. I love the fresh designs, incredible textures and versatility of the clothing. I still have my early purchases too! If you haven't checked them out, or been by for a while, now is the time to reacquaint yourself with them. There's a lucky present under the tree which gives out a gift if your name starts with the randomly selected letter, so what do you have to lose?

Taxi to Dyn

I think its pretty obvious by now that Nymphetamine is a fav store of mine. I discovered it in my early SL days and its remained one of those stores where I go to buy special occasion items. I bought my wedding night lingerie there. The wedding never happened, but I still love that lingerie and wish it had been transferable...cos its on my old original ID. Still, I can always go rebuy it!

I love babydolls, and the new Doll Baby set has wormed its way in to become a new favourite of mine. I love the delicate lace detailing around the bottom of the bustier, and the lace on the panties is just stunning.

I just had to show off the peekaboo lace on the panties a bit more. Its a sexy tease for your partner or whomever you wish to wear this for.

But if you REALLY want to cannot go past the Prissy Poinsettia Pasties. Not only are they sexy, tempting and teasing, but they are rippable, which means they can be removed by your loved one! They are also perfect for a sexy Xmas card for your friends too! P.S. They jingle too!

Remember Flirty Fannie? Its now been released in red at a special holiday price. It comes with the bustier, thong, skirt, gloves, braclet and hat (which I didn't wear cos I suck at adjusting hats to fit hair). I'm not red's biggest fan, but I think I am fast becoming a convert!

Taxi to Nymphetamine

The real Santa is at Nymphetamine! He knows if you have been naughty or nice and he will punish or reward you. I could stay there being spanked by Santa all night, but other people need their turns on his lap too. He has a special something in his Santa sack from Paeoti and its gorgeous!

Called Trillion, its a sexy bikini number with silver overlays on gold. Its a lovely gift from Santa and Nymphetamine.

Creole Lady is fresh off the design boards and a gorgeous new addition in store. Its a stunning burlesque inspired outfit, something Paeoti does so very well. I have a sudden urge to strut my stuff and sing Lady Marmalade...and we won't go into how much I truly dislike that song!

With a gorgeous corset with ruffles, short pants and lacey ruffles semi-skirt, its the perfect outfit to bring someone's dreams come true. I'm not a hat person at all - I can never get the hair right, but OMG I am in the naughtiest lusties with this one. Its just the ultimate in showgirl chic!

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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